5 Underrated Design Tools

Every designer has a collection of reliable tools that they will use consistently and therefore often the new small technologies will go unnoticed. Below are 5 new, great design tools of 2015:


Although Photoshop is the design tool that majority of graphic designers swear by, there are many individuals that don’t require all the Photoshop features and may not want to commit to the monthly subscription. Pixlr is an online tool that is a free alternative to the more advanced editing platforms. The interface is very similar to that of Photoshop and even enables the user to open psd. files and maintains any existing layers. It is great for basic editing such as cropping, resizing and basic graphic design.


Frameless is an IOS app that enables developers and designers to preview their HTML content in a transparent UI. It has customizable gestures (swipe, tap with three fingers, shake the device, etc.) to make the experience even more versatile.


A strong understanding of typeography is a skill within itself and necessary to all designers. Typegenius allows you to ‘find the perfect font combo for your next project’ by giving you examples of fonts that are well suited to each other. Simply select your headline font from the drop down list then Typegenius will provide you with examples of fonts that pair well as a secondary font family.


We have all been a situation where we’ve needed to identify a font and have spent hours trawling through our font gallery to find a match. WhatTheFont saves this hassle, by uploading an image of the text it will quickly identify the closest font match from their database.

Google Drive Drawing App

Perfect for creating wire frame designs for websites or apps. There is an abundance of editors available that allow for vector based layout designs but the Google Drive Drawing App has a few extra features:

The sharing capabilities of the Google Drive Apps enable you to easily exchange design concepts with customers & colleagues while incorporating in-context commenting, simultaneous editing and instant messaging.

The Drawing App also incorporates guides that are automatically created in relation to the elements within the document aswell as the full document size, this is great for designers who like regimented consistently-sized elements. And its free! 


What Else?

If you have discovered any other useful design tools please share by commenting below!

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