Attainable Marketing Goals

Do you invest a lot of time and money in marketing your business but never seem to see any tangible results? You’re probably spending too much time marketing and not enough time analysing!


One of the most vital elements of marketing a brand is understanding your target demographic and exploring their buying habits.


Once you understand your target market you need to determine what the purpose of your marketing is; perhaps it is to increase brand awareness, sell a product or just to engage users.

The key to achieving your goals is to give them a value so that you can track your successes (as well as failures).

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Micro and Macro goals are a simplistic and effective way to reach your milestones. Micro goals are the achievements that will in turn result in a Macro goal. For example your Micro goal may be to engage potential buyers through a social media campaign in order to achieve the Macro goal of selling the service. Once you have identified these goals you can start to track the most effective techniques to use with YOUR target demographic.


It is easy to make the mistake of assuming that just because you may not of received a direct new sale that your marketing efforts have been wasted. Remember to monitor all results including click through rates, returning users, engagement levels on your website, how long interactions are maintained and volume of bounced users. These results will give a good indication of any alterations you need to make to optimise your marketing strategy. Successfully driving traffic to your website is a great start and tells you that your Micro goals are being executed effectively but if you have high bounce rates (users then quickly leaving the website) you will not achieve your Macro goal. In this situation look at potential design issues such as ineffective CTA’s on the website homepage.

Google Analytic’s is an amazing tool that anybody can use to track the success and impact of your website. All you are required to do is add your generated tracking code into your website php. file (Here is a helpful guide to get set up), or alternatively if you are not comfortable with FTP just contact one of our team for assistance!

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