CreativemindsUK takes on San Francisco!

Having worked closely with NU Luxury Labels, an online luxury consignment store based in San Francisco to create a clean and beautiful brand, it was finally time for us to make the journey across the pond and work together in person. So, on Thursday 26th October, 2 members of the Creativeminds team packed their bags and headed off to the state of California.

The aim of the NU Luxury Labels brand identity was to ensure it was reflective of fashion sector and the luxury lifestyle that their customer either has, or aspires to have when buying these luxury products. As well as this, we were tasked with creating the NU Luxury Labels website, in which the product was to be made the key feature, whilst also being easy to navigate for customers. The purpose of the design of the website is to make a statement that is representative of their product and lifestyle.

Whilst we were in San Francisco, we had the opportunity to visit Motopia, a privately owned motorcycle shop based in San Rafael. This was an important part of our trip since Motopia is owned by Justin Rastegar, who plays a large part in Creativeminds US, and this gave us the opportunity to gain more of an insight into the first Creativeminds US social media client.

Whilst we were in San Francisco, despite spending the majority of time attending meetings, we managed to make the most of the stunning views and architecture by getting lots of photography done;even if a lot of it was just from the car as we drove from A to B!

With San Francisco being the second most densely populated city in America, it is filled with lots of cleverly designed and aesthetically pleasing buildings. It’s most obvious and well-known piece of architecture is undoubtedly the Golden Gate Bridge; however, it is the Transamerica pyramid that dominates the San Francisco skyline, only 48 stories tall but with a distinctive spire. This city skyline looked particularly stunning at night, all the lights illuminating the city, as you can see from the pictures we took.

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