Effective Landing Page Design

Designing an Effective Landing Page

What is a landing page?

 A landing page is a single web page that serves as the entry point for a website, which is reached by a user clicking on a search engine result or an online advertisement. A landing page is also known as a ‘lead capture page’ or a ‘destination page’.


What is the benefit of a landing page?

Boost SEO – A successful landing page can help improve your websites overall search engine ranking

Creating Anticipation – A landing page can be a fantastic tool for generating interest for any upcoming projects, through the form of a ‘Coming Soon’ or ‘Countdown’ page. For a start-up business, which may not have a fully complete website yet, a landing page could be used to give users a brief understanding of your business and an opportunity to get in touch.

 Increase Conversions – A key part of a landing page is to set up a clear Call-to-Action that should be simple and enticing. A clear CTA makes it much easier for users to take the desired action, which will consequently lead to that action occurring more.


What makes a landing page effective?

Clean and Simple UI – A clean and simple user interface is a key component to creating a landing page that works effectively. At first glance, the content on your landing page needs to highlight your USP (unique selling point). Being short, precise and using relatively plain language, you need to explain what you are offering and how users will benefit from it. As well as this, it is important that it easy to navigate and understand. The use of excessive information could overwhelm the user, causing them to leave the page and the business to be lost.

Fast Loading Speed – As is the case with all web pages, a fast loading speed is essential to a landing page that performs well. If a pages takes too long to load, users will become bored and impatient and will leave the site to find an alternative that loads faster. This will have a negative impact on search engine rankings.

Call to Action – It is important that you include an enticing, clickable call-to-action button on your landing page. This could be used for a range of things depending on your objective for the landing page, for example, ‘Sign up’, ‘Request a Demo’, ‘Learn More’, etc. It is important that the copy on your landing page makes sense in relation to your call to action, in order to avoid users becoming confused.

High Quality Imagery – Images are the first component of your landing page that visitors will process so you should ensure that the images you use are high quality, large and relevant to the service/product you are trying to say. Imagery can enhance the way users engage with your landing page and can convey additional information to what is stated in the copy.

Lead Generation Forms – Often on a landing page you will want to gather information about the users who have visited the page. This can be done through lead generation forms; however it is important that you ask for the smallest amount of info as possible. The longer a form is, the less likely users will be to fill it out, consequently reducing your conversion rates. All you really need to ask for is a name and email address.


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