Facebook's new 360 degree cameras

Facebook Reveals 2 New 360° Cameras

Facebook is continuing to grow much further than being just a social media platform.

At Facebook F8, an annual global developer conference that recently took place, Facebook made several big announcements. One of these announcements was regarding 2 new 360° cameras that will be released later this year. Although the social network doesn’t intend to sell the cameras directly, it will license the designs to ‘a select group of commercial partners’.

Following the release of the Surround 360, which was announced last year, Facebook is now introducing the x24 with 24 cameras and the x6 with 6 cameras. Both of these cameras shoot in 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) and are much smaller and more portable that their predecessor, the Surround 360.

Facebook’s new 360° cameras, the x24 and the x6.

The introduction of these cameras ties in with Facebook’s vision of virtual reality (VR) as the future of social interaction on the social interaction on the social network. Facebook has announced a new app, Facebook Spaces, that will enable you to spend time with friends in virtual reality. The app is currently available as a beta and enables you to create a digital avatar, which Facebook generates based on your photos, and interact with friends in VR.

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