Finding the right colour for your brand

Finding the right colour for your brand

It is important that in the creation of your brand you are able to choose the right colour that fits your brand. Brands and colours are very closely aligned, which is demonstrated through how easily people can recall a brand from simply seeing a specific colour or colour palette. For example, just think about how integral purple is to Cadbury Dairy Milk’s brand identity.

The colour of a logo is influential over the message and tone of voice that you present to consumers. Colours convey meaning and how you use colour can bring multiple different layers of meaning to your design. If you are an international corporation, you may want to think about how culture can change and influence the way colours are interpreted. For example, in India the colour white suggests death and morning.

Whilst many brands stick to using just one colour in the branding, there are successful companies that use multiple colours, for example Google and eBay. The use of multiple colours can indicate a wide choice of products available.

However, although colour is important, you shouldn’t overthink it. Colour is often very personal and everyone reacts differently to different colours. Therefore, it is important to think practically about the colour than you use for your brand rather than thinking too much on a psychological level. Whilst it is important to use colour psychology as a guide, you shouldn’t focus to heavily on it.

Here are few things to consider when determining if a colour is appropriate for your brand:

  • Is the colour relevant to the product(s) or service(s) that the brand is offering?
  • Is the colour appropriate for the target audience and what kind of response will it encourage?
  • Does the colour fit the tone of voice of the brand and does it present the right message about your brand?

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