FlameUK.co.uk re-Brand and Website

We have been working hard on the development of the new FlameUK.co.uk website, and a new evolution of their brand. This meant Business Cards, Letterheads alongside their brand new responsive website.


The Brief

When speaking to the management team, they had a specific corporate message that we needed to incorporate into the voice of the website. The design should be clean, modern and easy to use no matter what device you are looking at the company’s website on.

The Process

A huge part of this was to keep the corporate message to be portrayed throughout. The clean design was a great focus of ours. We critiqued each part of the website within the studio slowly evolving the UI (User Interface) of the website. The brand needed tweaking to coincide with the corporate message and with the creation of brand guidelines, key areas that we wanted consider was the typography.

Final Product

This responsive design has been created as a seamless uniform website. Throughout the website we created small repetitive animations within the headers, reinforcing this clean navigation. We wanted to have a simple change to the brand and this was the typography based. By just changing this typeface we have created a cleaner and far more visually versatile logo.

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Creativeminds working with Flame UK
Creativeminds working with Flame UK on the Website and rebrand
Flame Uk website contact page
contact page with interactive maps within the web page.


iPhone on a desk with the Flame Uk website
Flame UK on an iPhone, for responsive design

Flame UK on an iPad

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