High Sheriff of Leicestershire

Earlier this year we were introduced to the current High Sheriff of Leicestershire, Gordon Arthur, by an existing long-term client. Gordon’s new role as High Sheriff meant business cards, branded paper, invitation templates and a website were just some of the necessary requirements.

As the term of any High Sheriff is only held for a year we were required to come up with options for the stationary that were suitably cost effective and diverse. Following discussions with our client we obtained a good understanding of exactly what they would require for the position. We produced two different types of branded paper that could be overprinted by the client, the first being A4 160gsm Oyster paper designed to be used diversely for letterheads, continuation paper or certificates. We also printed branded sheets of A5 160gsm Oyster paper to be used for correspondence and invitation purposes. Finally we designed clean traditional style business cards on 450gsm Silk Art.

We then went on to produce the website, it is refreshingly traditional and very well suited to the nature of the content. The intention was to create a clean and informative site that would give visitors an insight into the responsibilities of the High Sheriff of Leicester, as well as provide a platform to showcase upcoming events that the HS would be attending.

The website can be found here

You have done a excellent job with the website, its very impressive with lots of interesting information. We really enjoyed looking at it.

I have learnt so much about the position and have shared it.


– Graeme Chilvers, website visitor.

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