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With 500 million Snapchat Stories being shared each day, it is becoming increasingly important to incorporate Snapchat into your company’s social media strategy. However, since the release of Instagram stories in August 2016, is there a chance that it could replace Snapchat? In just over 6 months since Instagram Stories were launched, the feature has managed to reach 150 million daily active users; a number that took Snapchat 6 years to reach.

Instagram and Snapchat stories both give users the opportunity to share content that only lasts for 24 hours before it disappears forever. If your audience haven’t seen the content that you shared within the 24-hours since you posted it, they will no longer be able to view it – unless you save it and share it to another social networking site.

Snapchat relies on users solely sharing temporary content with viewers. Whereas, Instagram gives the choice between sharing content can be temporary through stories or more permanent through your feed. Instagram feeds give users a chance to think a lot more carefully about the content they want to share, whilst the content uploaded to Stories is much more raw and personal.

Below is a summary of the the different features in Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories:


If you are a business trying to decide between using Instagram and Snapchat Stories, here are a few facts to consider.

  • One third of the most viewed Instagram Stories come from businesses.
  • Whilst Instagram has been seeing an increase in statistics, Snapchat has seen a decrease. According to Nick Cicero, CEO of creative studio and social video analytics platform Delmondo “Overall, from August to November 2016, the average unique viewers per Snapchat story has decreased by about 40%”.
  • Snapchat appears to attract a younger audience with 71% of users under the age of 34. As well as this, 45% of Snapchat users are aged between 18 – 24.

It is important that you don’t rule out one or the other before at least researching or testing them first. Whilst one platform may be more successful for one business, you may find that another is more successful for another business. It is important that you are able to determine where your target audience is – for example, if you already have a successful presence on Instagram, it is likely that this audience will also be interested in seeing your Instagram stories. Or you may realise that there is a chance to reach different segments of your target audience through using both platforms.

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