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It has become apparent that many business users do not effectively connect their social media platforms, two of the biggest stumbling blocks being Twitter and Facebook. Here a some useful tips on how you can make the connection between these two key accounts:

Adding a Twitter Tab to your Facebook Page

1) Sign in to the Facebook account that is assigned as the Administrator of your Facebook page (if you are using Facebook as your page you will not be able to perform this action).

2) In the top bar search for ‘Twitter Tab’ under ‘Apps’ and you will be taken to a page that will ask you to Install Application

install app









3) From the dropdown options select which Page you would like to add the Twitter Tab to.

4) You will then see on your Page that a new Twitter tab has been added. As you can only display 5 tabs at a time it may be that your Twitter tab isn’t visible at this time- DONT WORRY! Select the ‘More’ tab to view your hidden applications, followed by ‘Manage Tabs’ to reorder them so that your Twitter tab will be visible (you can reorder the list by click and dragging into the desired structure).

drag and drop







5) The final step is to assign your Twitter account to the new tab. Open your new Twitter tab and select ‘Administrator Panel’, type in your Twitter account name (the @ is not necessary) and select Save settings. Your Twitter feed will now begin to populate!


Adding a Facebook App to your Twitter

1) Log in to the Twitter account you wish to associate with your Facebook page, click on your display photo in the top right hand corner and access your Settings. In the left hand panel you will see the App tab.

2) At the top you will see the Facebook App with the option to ‘Connect to Facebook’. Select this and you will be prompted to enter your Facebook account log in credentials (unless you are currently logged into to Facebook in another tab). You will then be asked to confirm that you give Twitter permission to access your Facebook contents and who you would like to share your twitter activity with on Facebook. Make you selections and press ‘Ok’ in the bottom right corner.

twitter access










If you would like your Twitter account to be linked directly to your facebook profile then you have now successfully made the connection! Alternatively you can link your Tweets to a Facebook page rather than the Administrative Facebook profile by following these next two steps:

3) Click ‘Allow posting to one of your pages’ and you will see a pop up asking for confirmation- Select Ok in the bottom right.
add to pages twitter






4)A new tick box option will now be visible that will enable you to ‘post to my Facebook page’. Use the drop down to select the page that you wish to post to. Ensure that only this option is ticked to avoid any tweets being shared with your personal Facebook account.
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