Maintaining a Relevant Social Presence

1. Be personal

A key factor to maintaining a relevant social presence is to give your audience the opportunity to know the team on a personal level. This can be done however best suits you- with a full profile of each team member or even just a few quick Q&A’s. People connect with people and like to know who they are dealing with.

You can find profiles for the Creativeminds team here on our company website.

2. Integrate media

Too often social content is text heavy and difficult to digest for the reader so try to ensure you integrate media at every opportunity. If you have a lot to discuss consider breaking your content into multiple paragraphs, bullet points or even posts as many visitors will abandon content if it is daunting to read. Add images or videos that are relevant to the topic to break up the body copy.

3. Provide knowledge

Be a knowledge source to your audience by providing fresh and most importantly useful content. Many companies make the mistake of using social media as only a self promotion platform. Empower your audience with the relevant tools they need to succeed in your industry. You don’t always need to focus on direct selling of a product but instead satisfy your visitors that your company knowledgeable in the industry and therefore a dependable choice.

4. Encourage engagement

Ask questions and don’t be afraid to receive feedback. Leave open ended questions on your social media platforms to engage with your visitors and start conversions. Positive exchanges encourage leads to become customers. To remain relevant you must post about the latest and most significant topics that your visitors want to hear about.

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