Maserati Levante Launch Event Video

With the addition of the latest member of the Creativeminds team, we are now looking to expand our services in order to accommodate the extended skill-set that we have gained.

We are keen to introduce video production into the services we offer. Since we are limited in terms of previous experience of this service as a business, we are looking to build up a showreel to demonstrate what we are capable of.

Recently, Graypaul Nottingham allowed us the opportunity to film the Maserati Levante Launch event. The goal behind this video was to capture the buzz of excitement both prior to and after the reveal, as well as reflect the luxury standard of the Maserati brand. Whilst it was important that the video showcased the car and all its features, it also needed to show the popularity of the event, as it was one of Graypaul Nottingham’s most attended Maserati events.

We made sure to film lots of footage, including a wide variety of different types of shots, whilst at the event to ensure that we would have plenty to work with when editing. With the use of electronic dubstep music in the background, we were able to create a fast-paced video, that complimented the already enticing nature of the car. As well as this, we included elements of the speech that was made at the event, assisted by animated titles, to give the video a more dramatic effect.

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