Acorn Windows Folder and Brochure
Acorn Windows Brochure Spread

Acorn Windows 30th Anniversary Brochure


With our vast experience of paper stock, colour matching for print and so much more, print holds an important place at the core of our business. We are fastidious in the print management of all projects that we undertake.

Acorn Windows invited us to have a look at a designed brochure and asked to check for any potential issues that might occur in the print process.

Having looked over the initial brochure, there we several design alterations that we were able to recommend to would add value to the final product and ensure it was produced to the highest possible level. This included the addition of a folder at the back of the brochure, in which prospective clients would be able to store any quotes.

Following this, the A4 brochure required a new die-line creating. This also meant that we needed to make some alterations to the design of the brochure so that it would fit within the die-line.

Alongside this, we made sure to complete our pre-press checks for colour, bleed, image colour profiles and resolution before the document was sent for printing.

Die-line creation, Print Management

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