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Astrum Recruitment Ltd is a specialist in the recruitment of Manufacturing & Engineering professionals. It is built upon a foundation of over 20 years Recruitment and Sales experience and supplies into all of the key manufacturing industries.

Astrum Recruitment was born out of an unprecedented 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic shook the world as we knew it. We worked with Clive, founder of the business to create branding that would be reflective of the company name and also tied into the business ethos.

Astrum – star, heavenly body, planet/sun/moon; the stars, constellation; sky, heaven astrum, astri. neuter noun star, heavenly body, planet/sun/moon; the stars, constellation; sky, heaven; astrum. star, constellation.

With a clear understanding of the business and the meaning of ‘Astrum’ we experimented with a number of different ways we could incorporate stars and other astrology related imagery into a logo design, as well as looking at a range of different typefaces. The chosen logo used negative space to create a star shape. The five points of this star were created out of ‘A’s, which served to further reinforce the brand.

Once the client had selected their chosen logo, we then moved onto looking at colour. We experimented with a range of blues and golds as

Astrum Recruitment
Design, Print, Web Design

Web Design

Once he branding had been finalised, we then needed to create a functional website that would allow for the advertising of job opportunities.

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