Cambridge Roar 2018


Creativeminds has had a close relationship with ‘The Cambridge Roar’ since creating the initial concept and brand design in 2014, through to each year of creating a new theme around the brand. This year, we are a ‘Mane Sponsor’ of ‘the Roar’

A key part in the development of the brand for 2018 was to establish how The Cambridge Roar had matured since the years before. With this brief in mind, we decided to put a large amount of focus into the use of white space, which served to make the event icons much more eye-catching.

As well as this, within the evolution of the brand, we chose to create a sub-brand for the year called ‘IV’, based on the 4 years the Roar has been running for. With the heavier use of photography in 2017, we wanted to retain aspects of this in the 2018 brand; this can be seen within the ‘IV’ sub-brand’.

1st, February 2018
Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO Optimisation

Website Design

Once we had created the theme and sub-brand and we understood how the sub-brand guidelines should work, we then were able to consider how the website would need to be designed and built in order to be reflective of this.

Whilst some aspects from the 2017 Cambridge Roar website remained similar, the website was stripped back in favour of a more mature overall appearance, including the use of a new, more professional typeface and, thanks to the use of white space, a much bolder header with increased readability.

We also updated the photography to show the more recent events and with a bank of good photography to hand, we could carefully select from this to show the Roar at its best.

A new element that we had to put much more focus into compared to previous years was the partners and sponsors. With the addition of an Official Media Partner, Iliffe Media, we needed to ensure that they were shown on the front page as large as possible.

Each event taking place for ‘Roar18’ had an individual icon to distinguish them from one another. These illustrations were used on the ‘All Events’ page as well as the specific event pages on the website.

Creativeminds also have taken over the management of the Cambridge Roar social media. This involves promoting all upcoming events, sharing any relevant news, and live-posting during the events.

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