The Cambridge Roar 2017 Brochure
The Cambridge Roar 2017 inside Brochure
The Cambridge Roar 2017 Event Brochure

Cambridge Roar Brochure 2017


We have been working with The Cambridge Roar now since its inception in 2013 and have produced all design elements for them, starting with the creation of their brand and its evolution through the years.

Each year the brand is reevaluated to keep the events fresh and exciting. We use the core brand and expand upon this. This allows us to keep the familiarity of The Roar whilst maintaining fresh designs each year.


At the beginning of this process we went over the previous years’ event photography. As the event had been running for several years, we had amalgamated a vast collection of varied photography from many of the previous events. We used this content in order to create a montage which served to explain The Roar without using any words. We used this as the front and back inside cover of the brochure to give people a feel of what The Roar is about from the get-go.

We decided that this year we wanted the brand to ‘grow up’ slightly and thought the best way to do this would be by moving away from illustrations, like we had used in previous years, and start using photography in the event branding.

The Cambridge Roar
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