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2017 - Present
Social Media Management

As part of our ongoing support for the Cambridge Roar, we took on the management of the social media for Roar 18.

Since the launch event at the beginning of the year, we have effectively promoted all 8 of the Roar 18 events across a number of social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also incorporated several paid campaigns into this, which focussed on boosting ticket sales for specific events. For this we were able to use advanced targeting option to reach a larger, more relevant, audience.

As well as the promotion in the lead up to the events, we have also attended most of the events to offer live-posting. This including making the most of the Instagram stories and live videos and live video on Facebook. Due to this live posting at events we saw drastic increases in the number of engagements and impressions.

A key focus of the social media was to encourage users to engage with the content we were sharing and to make use of the hashtag #Roar18. To do this we made sure to use the hashtag as much as possible and also used techniques such as hosting a competition to get people more involved.

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Custom Analytics Reports

We put together a custom analytics report every 28 days that outlines the performance of each social media platform throughout the month and how it has changed since the last month.

Using the analytics tool built in to the social media platforms, we put together a report that displays the key performance indicators in a clear and professional document that adheres to the client’s brand guideline.

The results that we present in these reports are based on the specific targets of the client. We then provide an analysis on these analytics and make recommendations for the use of social media for the following month.

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