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Filming, Editing, Drone Footage

Charles Bentley approached us with a need for a video that promoted their business. After an initial meeting in which we discussed the possibilities of what we could do, it was decided that we would create a video that showed the history of the company, the process of manufacturing brushes and promoted their current product lines.

The video was created with the intention of being able to split the video into several smaller videos; this meant each section of the video had to make sense on its own.

In the planning of this video, we decided to divide the filming up into 6 sections, which were: history, brush manufacturing, services, products, interviews and general. With the amount of footage that we needed to get, we spread the filming over a couple of days.

Drone footage played a key part in this video. With 3 buildings and over 300,000 square foot of manufacturing and warehouse facilities, it was important that we could show this in the video. We combined footage of the outside of the warehouses to show the full extent of how big they were, with footage on the inside of the warehouses, going down the aisles to demonstrate the amount of product they held. This required some very careful and precise drone work when working indoors in tight spaces.


We used After Effects to create a smooth animated timeline that would follow the history of the business from 1860 to the present day. To ensure this part of the video didn’t exceed 2 and a half minutes, we cut out some of the less important parts, leaving the main focus on all the generations in the family.

We populated this timeline with old photography of products, machinery, buildings and the family generations and text supplied by Charles Bentley.

We placed this animated timeline at the beginning of the video to ensure everything made chronological sense.

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