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Fisher Flooring



Fisher Flooring is a new company that came to Creativeminds looking for the creation of a brand that would be reflective of the businesses ethos. We initially had a meeting with the company owner to get an in-depth understanding of the business, discussing business ideals and the service offerings. Although we weren’t presented with any specific specifications for the creation of this brand, we began by pulling from the experience and ethics that the business portrayed. The brand needed to amplify a personalised service and expert advice from one of the best floor covering Specialists in the country.

Our interpretation of the brand creation was to produce something that pulled the concepts of quality and experience that Ash Fisher brings to his flooring business. We wanted to create a brand that presented his ideology through colour and typeface, whilst also linking back to the original ethics portrayed to us.

The brand that we created is strong, but also could take a back seat when working with other brands. As well as this, it is simple, easy to recognise and readable internationally.

Fisher Flooring
Design, Print, Web Design
Fisher Flooring Logo

Print Management

The primary colour that we chose for the brand, Pantone 2183, is a Spot colour. However, since we would be using 4-colour printing, we knew that the blue wouldn’t print as we intended it to look. We wanted to ensure the blue maintained a bright and vibrant look within all printed material. The recommended colour didn’t fulfil this requirement, therefore we used a tint book to find a more accurate colour match.

Fisher Flooring Landing page Mockup

Web Design

To sit alongside the Fisher Flooring brand, we created a website. This acts as a landing page that allows potential clients to get a basic understanding of the business and make an enquiry via a contact form.

This landing page features a very clean and minimalistic design using photography that we had taken that demonstrates an example of flooring fitted by Fisher Flooring. The colours shown in this photography are very complementary of the brand.

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