Flame UK


The Brief

Flame UK is a facilities management company that covers waste, energy, water and fuel cards. We worked with them initially to produce a website to act somewhat as a holding page for the business. However, this soon became insufficient due to the company’s fast and exponential growth.

To combat this, we took a second brief in order to update their website to suit their new needs. The main purpose of this site would be to enable customers to have a platform they could visit to understand more about the service offerings of Flame UK.

Flame UK
March 2017
Web Design, Icon Design, SEO,

A New Design Experience

The new website we produced for Flame UK offered a more simplified and user-friendly navigation system that tied together all of their service offerings. We expanded somewhat on the brand we produced previously for Flame UK in order to let it merge seamlessly with their new website. This made for an overall visually impressive website with a smooth and intuitive navigation system.


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