3 brouches created with the same brief with different designs
Quy mill christmas brouchure 2018
custom designed christmas brochure from 2016

Quy Mill Hotel Christmas Brochures


For three years  Creativeminds have designed the Christmas brochure for Quy Mill Hotel and Spa, with new specifications and alterations according to the brief given each year. With the brief in mind we wanted to keep the designs similar. Additionally, images and text have been kept similar throughout the years .

This is the third year that we have designed the Christmas Brochure for Quy Mill.

This design was created at the start of the year and will influence the Christmas adverts for Quy Mill. This brochure went through a large amount of proofs due to the various different options of photography that could be included and multiple cover designs were created to ensure the client was happy to sign it all off.

2016 , 2017 , 2018
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For the 2018 Christmas brochure we tried to keep the design in fitting with the previous years but added a touch of colour to the front cover design and made the content more image based for a clean, modernised feel.


Fitting with Quy Mill’s rebrand towards the end of 2016 we were able to create this brochure with a clearer design brief meaning there was more room for creativity than in the previous year.


When the first Christmas brochure was produced the branding of Quy Mill was in a transitional phase, meaning the logo was signed off but the brand guidelines weren’t, this is visible through the use of gold in the inside of the brochure.


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