Quy Mill
Hotel & Spa

Creativeminds have been working with Quy Mill Hotel & Spa Cambridge for a few years now. The Director of Quy Mill, approached us to redesign the hotels brand.

The Quy Mill is part of the Best Western Hotel chain and in 2016 reached a Gold standard. This allowed Quy Mill to break away from the standard branding that Best Western have.

As part of our research, we looked at the Hotel and the local are Stow-Cum-Quy. This brought a huge range of ideas to develop from. Eventually, we focused on the Hotel’s undershot waterwheel that is still part of the hotel today. This with and the Q married perfectly together.

Development of Colour

A major part of the development of this rebranding was the choice of colour. Through most of the development an Aqua/Teal (Pantone 320c) was used to reflect the water as Quy Mill was a water mill. This worked well, with some of the designs.

Due to the the charity ‘The Cambridge Roar’ the brand colours of clashed with Pantone 320c. As these brands sat next to each other regularly, we couldn’t progress with this PMS colour. As part of our working we decided Black worked well with all other potential brands.

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