Bookkeeping & Accounting

Remigius is a bookkeeping and accounting service based in Lincoln and seeped in the city’s heritage. The client wanted to rebrand whilst keeping a nod towards the company’s location. Arguably Lincoln’s most treasured and recognisable history is it’s cathedral. This has local relevance but is also recognisable outside of Lincoln.

However, we didn’t simply want to use an image of the cathedral. Lincoln businesses are proud of their heritage and this shows in an over-saturation of logos using the image of the cathedral. We wanted to be more subtle.

April 2016
Design, Identity

Development of the Mark

Our approach to the incorporation of Lincoln came from within the cathedral itself. We looked into the finer details of the architecture, starting originally with the masonry on the outside.  We then moved onto the stunning stained glass windows, eventually basing our concept on the Chapter House stained glass window.

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