Star Trust Annual Ball

Filming, Editing, Drone Footage

Following the success of the Star Trust Grazie Event video, we were invited back to film the Star Trust Annual Ball at Stapleford Park.

We aimed to capture the day in its entirety; starting with the various activities that were taking place during the day and then smoothly transitioning into the evening ball. We wanted to be able to portray the casual and friendly atmosphere during the day before everyone disappeared to get dressed up.

Using our professional range of equipment we were able to get 4K aerial footage, as well as 4K footage on the ground. By working closely with the event production company, we were able to ensure that all audio from people speaking during the event was at the highest possible quality.

Through the combined efforts of our team, we were able to capture the evening ball from a number of different angles, getting all the necessary shots to create a final video that accurately summed up the event.

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