Star Trust Motoring Day 2019

Design, Print, Filming, Drone Footage, Editing

As part of our continued support of the Star Trust, Creativeminds once again provided design and video production for the Motoring Day. Each year this event differs slightly in the activities that take place; this year there was off-road driving with Bowler, a 40-minute Aston Martin road drive and a tour of the Bowler Factory.

Design for Print

There were three key elements which required designing; the Save the Date, the Plaques and the Route Map.

The overarching brand that we created for this event was mono-tone, compared to all previous years designs which have been dual-tone. The colour was selected from the Star Trust secondary colour palette within the brand guidelines; it was decided we would use a coral red, creating a very different appearance to any of the previous year’s designs.

Additionally, unlike previous years we decided to merge the plaque with the route map, making the plaque double sided. The front of the plaque would follow the same design guideline as previous years, but for the back we were able to create a new layout for the route map.

Due to the size and layout of the plaque, we were much more limited with space for the route map. This meant we had to simplify and decrease the number of directions.

The sponsor logos were reflected onto the back of the design in the same way they are on the front. This gives the sponsors the extra benefit of their logo being shown twice, whereas before it would have only appeared once.

Video Production

The second part of our support for the Motoring Day was creating a video of the event.

The event guests were split into 2 groups of 24, therefore we decided to stick with one group throughout the entire day to ensure we captured all of the activities taking place.

Part of the event this year was a Factory Tour at Bowler Motorsport, which we were able to film inside, unlike the previous year at the Aston Martin factory. This was a new and interesting addition we could include in the video.

A limitation that we did face with the filming was that we couldn’t get particularly close to the off-road driving due to health and safety issues. However, to overcome this we used drone to follow from above and capture different angles of the field.

We also made use of slow-motion to capture dust coming off the ground after the vehicles went round corners, which created more dynamic shots.

Having filmed the previous year’s Motoring Day event, we wanted to make sure there was a clear distinction between the 2018 and 2019 videos.

Other than the difference in activities taking place, we also decided to take a different approach to the editing. Whilst the 2018 Motoring Day video follows the schedule of the event in a very linear way; this year’s cuts in between the different activities. This gives the video an overall fast paced feeling, which is reflective of the supercars shown in the video.

Another key aspect within the video that we tried to highlight was the stark contrast between the peacefulness of the Peak District, compared to the rapid movements of the cars.

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