Star Trust Motoring Day Video

Filming, Editing, Drone Footage

Shortly after the filming of the Star Trust Sparkles and Supercars event, Star Trust held their second event of the year, the Motoring Day. We were once again tasked with creating a short video showing the highlights of the day.

The event spanned across 3 locations, Mallory Court Hotel and Spa, Chateau Impney and Aston Martin Gaydon, which meant we had to ensure we were always ahead of the guests; getting to the necessary places before they did so we could set up our equipment and capture footage of the cars arriving.

The video required drone and on land footage showing the cars and the locations, as well as interviews with certain people.

Unfortunately, due to confidentiality reasons, we were unable to film the Aston Martin Factory Tour. However, with Aston Martin being the main sponsor of the event, it was vital that we had plenty of Aston Martin related content in the video. This meant we had to be clever with the shots we got around the outside of the factory and the reception area.

Filming video content at Aston Martin

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