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TR has been simmering in the background of Creativeminds for a few years and with this comes multiple variant brands of the same product. Our final decision came to this simple, Corporate boxed logo that has been created with a huge amount of symbolism.

Our final decision came to this simple, Corporate boxed logo

The TR logo starts with the ‘t’ and ‘r’ lower case in a solid box this symbolises the periodic table, making TR an element. The next in an unfilled box with the text ‘Global Events’ and a corona that symbolises the Earth. All text is lower case that softens the language and makes the text easier to read.

The colour Orange, Black and White gives a great variation on all backgrounds. The orange is symbolic of a vibrant and powerful company, that draws the eye and making the colour easy to replicate on printed products. We created this brand to work well by itself and we are also able to drop the brand back subject to who the client is working with, allowing the other brand to shine.


The Creation of this Brand was through Illustrator. 


As part of our brief from the client, we needed to create a brand that was strong, but also could take a back seat when working with other brands.

The brand should simple and easy to recognise and be readable internationally.

Ultimately the client was amazed by the detail we have been able to pull into a small logo. This detail has been able to be expanded throughout the website and stationary that links the brand throughout.

TR Global Events Ltd.
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