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Design, Product creation, Video Production, Photography

Product Creation

For the second year running we were approached by the National Volunteering Team from the Woodland Trust to design 11 awards for their Volunteer of the Year Ceremony.

Whilst last year we were faced with the challenge of a short design time, this year we were given the luxury of a long time scale. This gave us the opportunity to look in to other options and different solutions.

We knew we wanted to create the award out of Woodland Trust timber as we had done in the previous year. For the awards in 2017 we were supplied with Cherry wood and for 2018, Yew wood. The reason for allowing the Woodland Trust to supply the wood was to ensure the award was in fitting with their brand ethos and so by using recycled timber no woodland was damaged in the process.

The wood that we used for the awards is considered ‘green’ wood. This means that it has been recently cut and therefore hasn’t had the opportunity to dry. This wood has a much larger moisture content compared to seasoned or dried wood.

One of the challenges that we faced last year was that there was a chance that the awards could warp and crack once they had been taken home by the winners. This is because of central heating causing the wood to dry out, which would make both of the pieces of wood shift slightly, but the metal fixing holding the 2 pieces of wood together would stayed fixed.

To avoid this being an issue again, we chose to design the awards as one piece of wood.

Image Yew wood after being cut
Image Yew wood after being cut
Image Yew wood after being cut
Image Yew wood after being cut
Image Yew wood after being cut

Once the timber had been cut to size, the next step in the creative process was the finish of the awards. We had to consider the finish/texture of the wood to protect it from oils and dirt. We wanted to amplify the natural beauty of the wood, while producing a smooth and sleek finish. Part of the design process was to us to use some small ‘off cuts’ to test the finish and how these would react to the laser engraving. The various finishes included:

  • Untreated
  • Friction Polish sanding sealer
  • Acrylic Gloss lacker
  • Acrylic Satin finish
  • Danish Oil
  • Bri Wax sanding sealer
  • Bri Wax
  • Mineral Oil

After testing, we decided to use the Danish Oil due to the feel of the finish and the way it enhanced the timbers natural beauty, as well as sealing it. Danish Oil is flammable which additionally swayed our decision as the laser engraved design was much more legible after the Danish Oil was applied. The finished product was incredible…

As a conclusion to our work with the Woodland Trust on their 2018 Volunteer of the Year Awards, we were delighted to attend the awards ceremony at Kelham Hall, meaning we were able to experience the volunteers receiving the awards; offering support with the presentation, videography and photography.

Event Videography and Photography

Following the 21 videos that we produced for the Woodland Trust that were played at this event, we thought it would be the perfect finish to provide a video of the event that summed up all of the work that we have done for the Woodland Trust for the Volunteer of the Year Awards 2018. It intended to show what was taking place at the event and capture the mood of appreciation for all the hard work the volunteers put into their roles throughout the year.

Using a range of camera equipment we were able to capture the event from a multitude of angles, including using the drone indoors to show a birds-eye view of the table set up. We also used the drone outdoors to get some attractive establishing shots of the beautiful location that the event was taking place at, Kelham Hall.

Alongside the videography that we were providing, we also offered our photography services at the Awards Ceremony. This consisted of photographs of the award winners and nominees for each award in front of the media wall, as well as a group picture of all winners and nominees together on stage.


We put together a presentation that was displayed on a big screen behind the stage at the Woodland Trust Awards Ceremony. This presentation accompanied everything that was being said by the host and including lists of the nominees for each award, the winners and all of the videos that we produced.

We used a selection of high quality photography supplied by the Woodland Trust as part of the design for this presentation. Using the Woodland Trust Brand Guideline we selected a colour from the autumn colour palette that was the primary colour for the presentation. This brand guideline also informed us on how to layout the text in the presentation.

We also helped to manage this presentation on the night of the event, ensuring that all of the slides changed to the relevant slide at the correct time.

The Woodland Trust Awards Winners and Nominees

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