Woodland Trust Volunteer Portal

The Brief

The Woodland Trust approached us in search of a solution, to offer their Volunteers access to a whole host of resources and files that would assist them in the completion of specific tasks. The Volunteering Development Manager wanted to offer a platform in which all volunteers would be able
to gain access to files, regularly updated articles and upcoming events.
With some additional features including geographical data relevance, the ability to give differing levels of site access based on job role and options
to add comments.

Web Design, UX, UI

A New Design Experience

From our initial conversation, we proposed a web-based platform with a WordPress CMS. This allowed for large database handling, Article (Blog) posting, a file management tool, account creation and ongoing management. Whittle is a ‘members only’ site with all content hidden, access is granted to account holders via secure detail and password entry only.

Final Result

The Whittle volunteering portal is now fully functioning, currently with 2,400+ volunteer and 500+ Woodland Trust employee accounts. Each of these members has been placed within a different sector that allows them access to relevant information and certain capabilities on the website. We have 15+ account roles offering administrative site management for The Woodland Trust stake holders, account control, file upload control and client site management. We ensure the site is continuously maintained and offer ongoing technical support.

Whittle Volunteer Portal Mokcup
Whittle Volunteer Portal Mokcup

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