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2017 - Present
Social Media Management

Creativeminds provide XL with ongoing social media management across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We initially created a social media strategy based on XL’s goals as a business, and over time this has developed according to changes in the business and the month by month performance of the social media.

We write posts that are reflective of the tone of voice that is used on the XL blog and input them into a schedule. Based on results from past posts we are able to determine which days and times will result in a post performing more successfully. With each post we use high quality photography that is supplied by the client.

Custom Analytics Reports

We create custom reports on a 28 days basis that outlines in detail which parts of the social media strategy have been more successful than others. These custom reports are presented clearly and professionally and are reflective of the client’s brand. Using these reports we are able to make recommendations to the client about how to continue to improve their social media.

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