Print Production- Ecocentre Information Boards

We have recently designed and produced four large information boards for the Ecocentre in Car Colston, Nottingham. We were requested to produce two different size foamex boards following the success of the Walk Boards that we installed in 2013 (take a look here).

The client required two different designs- one board that would inform visitors of the farm history and would be located outside the Ecocentre building and another board design that would be situated on the Nature Walk itself to accompany the four new topiary statues.

The pair of large history boards are a fantastic 90x60cm and on a solid foamex 10mm thick board to provide the rigidity required for outdoor survival. We coated the boards with a UV protection lamination to prevent the vibrant colours from fading.

The second pair are slightly smaller 50x43cm foamex boards at the same specification as the larger boards. They provide information on the new topiary statues located on the nature walk at the Centre. The impressive statues stand at 10 metres tall and are made from a combination of wood, wire mesh and artificial greenery.

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