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Responsive Logos

A responsive logo is the term given to a primary logo that exists in several, slightly different and easily scalable variations.

What is a responsive logo?

Responsive logos allow businesses to rescale their original logo and create a condensed, simplified design while meeting the same user demands, meaning the logo is changed but is still recognisable to the market audience.  A responsive logo creates is a branding technique that allows businesses to use there logo more flexibly to tailor their individual business needs.

Why use a responsive logo?

Using a responsive logo allows freedom within digital marketing, while it is possible to just resize a logo to fit different devices and spaces online, by doing this its easy to loose quality and integrity as the logo can fade into an unrecognisable block of colour, taking away detail and audience appeal. A responsive logo is the perfect way to ensure your business is up to date. Now that mobile browsing has overtaken desktop browsing with 51% of all global searching being done on a mobile device. A responsive logo allows your company to expand to all different platforms of social media and means your business is optimised for web and mobile audiences.

examples of Responsive Logos
Examples of responsive logos

Responsive logos can be created from as little as a single letter or symbol that correlates with the brand that it is representing. Responsive logos can be used across the board from being app icons to just being used for digital branding and advertisement. Big brands are now using responsive logos all across the web to optimize their user experience with a sleek and professional appearance. A responsive logo has the benefit of adding a type of trade mark to your business meaning it is now simpler to brand and display your logo. There are now more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook alone meaning the demand to make your business memorable and innovative only helps to expand your client base and a responsive logo is the perfect way to give your company a unique marketing edge.

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