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Should you be email marketing?

Have you ever thought about email marketing before? If not… why not? Email marketing could be beneficial to your business and there are lots of reasons that you should be incorporating email marketing into your business strategy.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

  • Effective method of keeping customers informed: Email marketing can be very beneficial for helping you to your customers connected with your business. It enables you to deliver content directly to your customers about any offers or updates about your company.
  • Easy to reach customers: Email marketing can be an effective technique to reach customers; particularly mobile customers. The number of people using their smartphones or tablets to access emails is constantly increasing and it is important you know how to reach these people. 
  • Email coupons and offers drive sales: By offering exclusive offers within your email marketing campaigns, you can help to drive sales of your products or services both online and in-store. By offering exclusive discounts you can help increase customer’s loyalty to your brand, and encourage more people to sign up to your mailing list.
  • Inexpensive: Email marketing is a low cost method of marketing. There are no printing or postage costs, as well as no cost for exposure on billboards, magazines, newsletters or television channels. Whilst you may want to invest into some email marketing software, the costs will still be considerably less that other marketing techniques.
  • Calls to action: Email marketing can quickly drive sales of a business by including tempting calls to action that instantly lead to the check out or contact form on a website. Using powerful buzz words such as ‘buy now’, ‘download’, ‘register’, ‘learn more’ and ‘try now’, gives the user the next step to take after they have read the email. 
  • Easy to track the success: It is easy to track and measure the success of your email marketing campaign using email marketing software that enables you to track open, click through and conversion rates. This can help you determine what to do or not to do in your next email campaign.


What makes an email marketing campaign effective?

Have clear goals:

Before writing the content of your email you should set out the objectives or your email marketing campaign; what is it that you are hoping to achieve from it? This will help you later when you need to measure the success of your email.

Effective subject title:

Make your subject title interesting and engaging. By doing this you will encourage more users to open to email to find out more. A popular example of an engaging email subject line would be one that includes a question or one that refers to a discount or offer available.

Make your content interesting, valuable and relevant:

The message within the email should be specific and direct. By telling the readers what the email is about straight away, you can avoid people losing interest.

Clear call to actions:

Call to actions to will prompt the readers to take the action that you want them to take. Do this by encourage readers to click on a button or link with a buzz word such as ‘download’, ‘register’, ‘buy now’, etc.

Test before sending:

To ensure that your email is working effectively, you should send a test email so you are able to see how it would be received by the recipients. This will allow you to make any necessary changes before sending it.

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