Why You Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy

At Creativeminds we can manage your social media accounts for you, in order to help your business maintain a strong social media presence.

A strong social media presence can be achieved through taking a strategic and serious approach to social media. With your social media accounts at the forefront of your brand, acting as the voice of your company, it is important that you portray an image that will enhance your reputation.

By figuring out a schedule that best works for your business, you can ensure that you consistently post high quality and high performing content. Developing a social marketing strategy, that takes into consideration your objectives and goals as a business, gives the content you share a clear direction, which should lead to an increase in activity throughout your social media.

Over time you can develop an understanding of your social following and what they do and don’t like and what type of content generates a better response. A social media strategy should be a constant process of refinement. Since social media is evolving at a very fast pace, you may find content that proved successful six months ago might not still be successful now. Therefore, it is important to consistently monitor the content you post and whether or not it has a positive impact on the company.

Without a clear strategy for your social media, you could easily end up overusing one social networking site whilst neglecting others. In order to make your content receive the largest reach, it is essential that you plan which social media channels you want to use to promote each piece of content.

Here are a few that we would consider when making your company’s social media marketing schedule.

Targets, goals and objectives
Establish several clear targets that you hope to achieve. Without objectives, you won’t be able to determine whether your social media presence is having a successful impact on your company.

Competitors and client’s social media presence
Take a look at your competitor’s social media accounts and come up with a plan to distinguish your brand from them. Consumers can also offer inspiration for your social media accounts. By developing an understanding of your target audience’s habits and the way they phrase their messages, you can use this as a basis for your social media marketing plan.

Information to include in your schedule
Social media marketing strategies will vary from business to business. What works well for one business might not work well for another business. Here are a few examples of what we would include in your schedule in order to make it work most efficiently for your business:

  • Which social networking sites to use.
  • When and how frequently to post.
  • How you are going to promote your content.
  • How you are going to measure the success of your social media accounts.

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