Star Trust Motoring Event

The Star Trust is a charitable organisation that we are proud to of continuously supported over the past three years. Their latest fundraising event was the 2015 Motoring Tour at Belvoir Castle.

In addition to providing hands on support at all annual events, we are also the designated graphic design and printers for the Star Trust. The Motoring Day involves a breakfast meet and greet at a selected location, a motoring tour in prestigious cars on an exhilarating route created by the team, leading to a location for the remainder of the event to take place.

With the bespoke nature of a Motoring Tour comes the need for bespoke materials! We were required to produce the new 2015 Motoring Plaque which is a 800mic polypropylene printed board, designed to be robust enough to survive a day of motoring! We also produce a Tour map which is a 8 page folded route map, draw by hand by our designers.


All guests loved their Motoring Tour plaques which were designed to be put on their cars for the tour and kept as a reminder of their involvement in the Star Trust!

We are delighted to of been a part of three annual Star Trust Motoring days, each raising an invaluable amount for carefully selected charities!



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