The Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing

Few businesses enjoy or benefit from using the traditional methods of marketing which are cold calling, email spam or interruptive ad’s- Inbound marketing offers an alternative to this. Inbound marketing alters the centric of the campaigns from the marketer to the consumer through a combination of SEO, blogging and attraction.

Inbound Marketing is a tool that all business can undoubtedly benefit from by following some simple fundamental stages:


The idea beheind inbound marketing is to turn strangers and potential leads not only into consumers but promoters. Through smart content and social monitoring your customers can be your biggest asset when it comes to marketing. 

The first step in Attracting your buyer is to provide them with remarkable content and use this to leverage their interest. Social media and blogging are incredibly accessible tools to achieve these results. You don’y always have to promote yourself- discuss useful and interesting topics in your field of work. Remember that a visitor at this stage may not even be looking for a particular service but you can generate their interest by discussing relevant topics.

The Conversion stage of the process is vital- this is turning these visitors into leads. Provide further useful content on a more detailed platform such as your website that will convince them of not only your methodology but how you can assist them in their own success. It is crucial to talk benefits- not just features.

The Closing stage is when you need to make direct content with the lead via email, provide them will content that will help them determine if the service is applicable to their needs. Customer relationship management is the key to closing a lead and producing a customer. This is where online marketing really comes into its own- you can monitor and analyse where your buyers are in these fundamental stages and act at the right point using tools such as Google Analytics or Spring Metrics.

One of the greatest tools that is gained by using Inbound Marketing is the ability to Delight your customers. Most companies can obtain business successfully but fall short when it comes to maintaining their custom and building loyalty. Social platforms allow you to engage with your customers, but remember to keep all responses personal to them where necessary! Creating and developing this network of engagement will result in long term successful results rather than just immediate one time sales. It may seem time consuming to maintain social media relations but delighted customers are the greatest marketing tool any company can have and therefore extremely cost effective.

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