The importance of your business cards

Your brand is your professional voice that should be represented to its highest standard across all media. Business cards are often overlooked when in reality they all you will leave behind with a potential customer and should not only be a CTA point but also a constant reminder of your service quality.

After months of preparation and work with Nottingham Block Foil we were elated to see the arrival of our new business cards earlier this week!

We gave each of our graphic designers the opportunity to produce a business card design which resulted in two spectacular proposals that we just couldn’t choose between… so we had both!

After testing with multiple types of foil arrangements we came up with a beautiful combination that worked for both designs. We provided our printers with a multiple layer breakdown (show below) which represents the different foils, either Holographic or Matte Silver.

The business cards are produced on 540gsm Amethyst Colour Plan board providing our signature feel of completely quality.

After months of preparation and a lot of production tests we are absolutely delighted with the finished product. A huge thank you to Nottingham Block Foil who were nothing but patient and accommodating to our need for perfection!

If you would like to discuss how we can help you display your brand more effectively then contact us either via our website or on twitter at @minds_steve!

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