The John Lewis Christmas Advert is Here!

Finally, the long awaited John Lewis Christmas advert that indicates the beginning of the festive season is here and it’s just as good as ever.

Compared to previous years John Lewis adverts, this year’s advert definitely isn’t as tear-jerking, but they make up for that with the adorable factor. This advert follows the story of a young girl with has a love for bouncing, who gets bought a trampoline for Christmas, which turns out to not only be loved by Bridget, but also the many other lovable characters. The advert incorporates some fantastic use of CGI, making you have to look twice before you realise that they’re not real animals jumping on the trampoline.

As well as this, the advert draws attention to The Wildlife Trust, this year’s charity partners for the campaign, who will receive a 10 percent of every £15 or £12 soft toy sold.


This year, John Lewis has utilised features on Twitter and Snapchat to extend their marketing campaign. On Snapchat, there is now a #BusterTheBoxer Sponsored Snapchat Lens, which you can use to make yourself look just as cute as Buster. In addition, 0n Twitter, John Lewis created stickers, which you can add to any picture you post, showing all the creatures from the advert. And, of course, John Lewis will be selling lots of themed merchandise.


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