The Luxury Compass

The Luxury Compass provides travel solutions for companies in the UK that wish to develop business from international markets.

We have been busy with another brand we are extremely happy with, The Luxury Compass. Each time we look at a brand, we love to talk to the client and delving deeper into what the business is about, how the client sees that brand and the tone of voice that this company has. By doing this we believe that we can get a far better outcome for the client.

This brand was designed, focused on ‘Luxury’. The Gold Colour we use is opulent and the script typeface gives a slight amount of personal form to the text. The ‘X’ in luxury has an arrow springing out of it. This is to show motion and to also denote a compass.

The luxury compass x with arrow

The Luxury compass brand.

The Luxury Compass Brand

Full Brand , The Luxury Company

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