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Web design has reached new heights with websites becoming more innovative, interactive and responsive than ever. A company’s website reflects their business and as web design trends continue to evolve there are becoming more and more way to make your website unique. Animation, mobile optimisation and custom illustration are three of the key developments for websites in 2018.


in 2018 websites are increasingly using animation to create a more interesting and active virtual experience. Animation has taken a leap into a subtle and sophisticated style allowing viewers to be drawn to products or content within a website.  Motion is being used to add detail without causing distraction. Some sites have gone a step further and have started using animation to create games on homepages or as part of product search.

Most sites use similar types of animation for the best usability and user enjoyment without losing the simplicity and modern feel that they are trying to achieve. These are:

  • Trigger-based animations that move when users click or scroll
  • Automated animation that move on a fixed timer

Website animation is mainly used to distract users from loading times or attract their attention towards different elements of the site techniques, such as header animation and hover triggers allow users to be drawn to an image or simply find information on the website without leaving the home page. Website animation allows companies to express their brand personality and style on their webpage.


link to Nike shoe ad - example of web animation
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Mobile Optimisation

Global mobile and tablet browsing accounts for 51.3% of all internet browsing, while desktop search only accounts for 48.7%. So now more than ever mobile optimisation is key to a successful website. A good website will be accessible from multiple different types of device and the content is scaled to fit the specified device. For a site to be optimised there are some key factors that must be user friendly.

  • Image and video availability – ensure that the images and videos displayed on your desktop website are sized to maximise user experience and that the images and videos are visually pleasing when accessing the site through mobile devices.
  • Clear text – a site should display responsive text on mobile sites meaning the writing is displayed so that it is readable immediately with no need for zoom.
  • Interactivity and click friendly experience – on desktop sites buttons and icons that can be clicked are sized according to the size of a mouse clicker, so in mobile form these things need to be enlarged to ensure users can click on them with their fingers without having to worry about being heavy handed.
example of mobile optimisation
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Custom Illustration

2018 has displayed a huge variation of custom web illustration. Websites have started to not only use photography but additionally use custom illustrations on the featured pages of the website. This allows more unique styles and art work to be displayed across a webpage, meaning users can experience a more creative and personal styled website. While HD pictures and videos are still popular, illustrations allows a website to step out of ordinary boundaries. There are many different ways to implement custom illustration within a website, for example:


  • Implication of brand message – custom illustration can be used to create a visual for a branding message or slogan
  • Standing out from the crowd – custom illustration can be used on a websites home page or featured pages to create a unique backdrop, header or front cover
  • Buttons and icons – while normal buttons are a shape or word on a website, custom illustration allows more flexibility buttons and icons to be anything at all, from a space ship to a flower.
example of custom illustration on NASAs website
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Here are some of our favourite websites…

example website
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example website
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example website
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