Understanding Social Media

In order to make social media beneficial towards your business, it is important to use it in the most effective way.

Although it is indisputable that social media is important to use for a business, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your business should be on every network. It is important that you only choose the social networking platforms that work most effectively for your business according to the products and services you offer. Within your business you should get an understanding as to how each platform works and how best to use it to your advantage.

Below are some of the most commonly used social media sites and how they can be used for your business.


Facebook is generally a great starting point for a business, regardless of your industry. It offers a wide variety in the types of post you can make, ranging from photos and videos to company updates. As the biggest social network on the web, it offers the opportunity to connect to and promote your content to billions of people around the world. (See more.)


Twitter is another quite versatile social network, giving you the chance to post text, videos, images, links, polls etc. However, you are limited to only 140 characters, meaning you have to ensure you make each individual character count. Through using twitter, your business will be much more easily accessible to both new customers and already existing customers and you will be able build up relationships between your company and the clients. Twitter is also beneficial for spreading your content to a large audience through the use of hashtags and retweets. (See more.)


LinkedIn is a business orientated social networking site, providing you with ample opportunities to make new connections with other businesses and clients, generate leads and build your brand, making it an especially useful tool for B2B (business to business) companies. Also, a feature offered by LinkedIn, similarly to Facebook, is the ability to create a company page. On this, you are able to post updates, which could consist of text, images and links etc. (See more)


Instagram is a visually oriented social media platform, and each post you make must include a photo or video. Consequently, it is a quite a niche site and would be more appropriate for businesses in the creative industry that have exciting and engaging visual content to share. Unlike the other platforms, Instagram is almost entirely mobile, with the web version being very limited in terms of its functions available. (See more)


Pinterest consists of digital bulletin boards where users can save and display content in the form of ‘pins’. Pinterest is a much more niche site than Facebook or Twitter as it is a very visual social media platform, therefore isn’t necessarily beneficial to all types of businesses. Generally, the most popular categories found on Pinterest are DIY projects, fashion, exercise, beauty, photography and food, therefore it would work most effectively for companies in those industries. (See more)


Tumblr is arguably one of the most difficult sites to use successfully for a business. Since over half of Tumblr’s visitor base is under the age of 25, if your business doesn’t cater to young people’s interests it will be much more difficult to build up a following on the site. In spite of this, it is an interesting network offering the opportunity to share a wide variety of content including text posts, chat posts, quote posts, audio posts, photo posts and video posts.


The reach and power of YouTube has been demonstrated by the many artists, celebrities and comedians who have begun their careers through this site. It is a very visually orientated site and would require your company to have engaging visual content to share, however it could work effectively regardless of your industry. With its billions of active users, YouTube allows your company the chance to easily reach a large audience. (See more)


Unlike other social networking platforms, Snapchat is completely mobile, making it quick and easy to access. The concept of the platform is that a company or person can send either photos or videos, that can be viewed for up to 10 seconds, to their friends and followers. This makes Snapchat a much more personal platform than most and gives the opportunity for a much closer relationship to be built up between the company and it’s customers. Additionally, Snapchat offers several different paid marketing options, such as; Snap Ads, Sponsored Geofilters, and Sponsored Lenses. (See more)

A strong social presence on a couple of social media sites can have a much more positive effect than a weak social presence on all social media sites.

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