Using Facebook within a Business

Facebook is a low cost marketing technique that offers lots of features that are designed to help your business build up their follower base, drive more traffic to the company website, communicate and engage with customers quickly and efficiently and increase your brand visibility.

In terms of a social media presence, Facebook is generally a great starting point for a business, regardless of your industry. As the biggest social network platform on the web, with 1.71 billion active users worldwide, Facebook offers you the opportunity to connect and promote your content to billions of people around the world.

The first step in establishing your company’s presence on Facebook is to create a company page. However, before you create your company page you must have a personal account. This personal account will be the creator of the page, meaning that the company page will not have separate login details from that individual user. Many people often are concerned about mixing personal information with business information, but the two are conceptually separate. Only you and any other admins of the company page will be able to see any links between business and personal accounts.

After the initial creation of your company’s Facebook page, it is important that you upload a profile picture that is easily recognisable as your brand, which will most likely be your company logo. As well as this you should upload a cover picture, which should also be an image that would be associated with you brand. In order to avoid any images appearing grainy or stretched out, it is important that you ensure the images you use are large and of a high quality.

Facebook offers a wide variety in regards to the types of content you can share, ranging from text and videos to company updates. Including a large variation of different types of content can help make your page more enticing and consequently encourage more engagement from customers.

If you post a bit of content that is particularly important or relevant, Facebook allows you the opportunity to ‘Pin It’, meaning that you can make a post to remain at the top of the company page, despite how many other posts you make after it. This feature would be useful for posts about important company announcements or sharing a post that may have been particularly popular, to serve as a constant reminder every time a customer visits your page. You can only ever pin one post at a time, but you can change it or remove it whenever you deem necessary.

Pinning a post to the top of your Facebook page.

Facebook’s publishing tools provides you with the opportunity to schedule posts for anytime over the next six months, backdate posts to anytime since the account was created and set expiration dates for time-sensitive posts. Through being able to schedule posts, you will be able to manage your company’s time more efficiently, ensure content is varied and maintain evenly spaced gaps between each post. The expiration date feature would be useful to a business sharing posts about upcoming events or limited-time offers. As this feature is a part of the Facebook site, it removes the need for using external websites.

Scheduling a post.

Another feature that can help benefit your company is the option to add a ‘Call to Action’ button to your page. Facebook offers a choice from eleven pre made ‘Call to Action’ buttons, including; ‘Book Now’, ‘Call Now’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Send Message’, ‘Use App’, ‘Play Game’, ‘Shop Now’, ‘Sign Up’, ‘Watch Video’, ‘Send Email’ and ‘Learn More’. Your company page can use one of these buttons, which will link to a destination, either on or off Facebook, according to what will best benefit the business. This feature can enable quick and easy access to contact details or other important features of your company for customers.

Creating a ‘Call ton Action’ button.

Facebook Insights, which are available to all Facebook business pages, can provide your company with the extremely beneficial information, such as; how many page likes you have, the reach of your posts and page, the amount of engagements your posts and page receive etc. Through paying close attention to the information Facebook Insights provides you with, you can measure the success of your social media strategy. With an understanding of which posts generate the most engagement, you will be able to know what content you should be posting more, less or the same amount of.

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