Using LinkedIn within a Business

LinkedIn is a business orientated social networking site, providing you with ample amounts of opportunities to make new connections with other businesses and clients, generate leads and build your brand.

It is an especially useful social networking site for B2B (business to business) companies. Much like Facebook, LinkedIn offers its users the opportunity to create a company page. Before you can do this, you must first have a personal LinkedIn account. This personal account will act as the admin account for the company page and the only people who will be able to see that you are an admin are any other admins of the same company page.

Creativeminds LinkedIn company page

It is important that you enhance this company page with your brand by adding your logo and a header photo that is easily recognisable as your brand. As well as this, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to include the following information on your company page:

  • Company description
  • Company type
  • Company size
  • Company website
  • Main company industry
  • Company operating Status
  • Year founded
  • Company specialties

This company page will help LinkedIn users to get to know your business, your brand and any job opportunities within your company.

One of the best methods to start building up a following on LinkedIn is to encourage your employees to connect with the company LinkedIn page. Having your employees as followers on your company page will significantly increase the reach of your posts, as well as encourage new followers. Additionally, by encouraging employees to add your company to their personal profile page, they will automatically become a follower, enabling them to easily share company updates.

Example of posts on a company LinkedIn page

LinkedIn in is an extremely useful social networking platform for making connections; growing your network and your potential supplier and customer base. With LinkedIn’s advanced search capabilities, it’s not just about who you know, but also the people that they know. You can leverage existing relationships to create new ones and build up your network.

Additionally, a feature that is fairly unique to LinkedIn, is the ability to specify a target audience for any posts you make. Whilst there is the option to post to all followers, you are also able to define your target audience based on their characteristics. By making use of this feature you can ensure that your post reaches the relevant target audience, who are more likely to engage with the post.

Much like most other social networking sites, LinkedIn offers the opportunity to view the analytics for your company page. These analytics give information on the amount of impressions, engagements, followers and pages views per day. As well as this, LinkedIn provides you with the details of the amount of impressions, clicks and engagement rate per each post. By measuring and keeping track of your analytics, you can determine the success of your posts and therefore have an understanding of what you should post either more, less or the same amount of.

An example of LinkedIn Analytics
An example of LinkedIn Analytics

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