WW2 Design- 70th Anniversary of VE Day

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of Victory of Europe Day and the end of WW2, we are taking a quick look at the fantastic design from the 1940s era.

”With World War II now seventy years ago, it’s easier to appreciate the propaganda posters of the era for their artistic merit. Allied posters of the age aimed to influence citizens to enlist in the military, buy war bonds, join the workforce, and sacrifice in ways that many people in the U.S., Australia, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere have a hard time imagining today. But the tactics employed in many of these posters and adverts were wildly successful in building national pride and support for the war effort, and today are cherished for their campy nostalgia and patriotic messages.

The posters below are the best of the best from the WWII era. Left out are many of the more offensive posters (of which there are plenty of examples). Looking through these powerful matter-of-fact designs can help give us a better understanding of what life during war-time was like a few generations ago.”

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